Sprint Data Solutions data offers a wide range of specialty lists with thousands of categories to choose from. We acquire information from a large number of sources and blend them together to ensure we have the most extensive specialty lists our clients are looking for! We have thousands of consumer specialty lists with thorough demographic, psychographics, and lifestyle characteristics. We have one of the largest databases of specialty lists available in the industry with extremely large list counts and aggressive pricing. Our business specialty lists, with thousands of categories allow you to target difficult to reach business segments including decision makers, professionals, and executives, just to name a few. Lastly all our lists are run through extensive accuracy procedures such as National Change of Address (NCOA) and Certified Address Accuracy System (CAAS) certified which creates the industry’s most accurate lists. Sprint Data Solutions runs multiple quality screening checks on each and every list.
Using our services assures you the lowest prices as we order by the millions and in turn keep the prices low to our clients. This helps our clients maximize returns on investment every campaign. Sprint Data Solutions is the only compiler of live trade show data and direct mail survey responders.
Sprint Data Solutions is dedicated to having the highest quality data in the industry. Each record is examined by hand for quality and completeness by one of our database specialists.

Business Database Accuracy
Our database specialists continuously update our business databases from over 5,000 public sources. We also place more than 20 million phone calls per year to verify and collect additional information. With our data, you can expect to have the highest deliverability rates in the industry.
Consumer Database Accuracy
Sprint Data Solutions consumer database specialists continuously update our records from new sources on a monthly basis. The database is also processed against both the USPS National Change of Address File (NCOA) and the Delivery Sequence File (DSF). Sprint Data Solutions information is carrier route and ZIP+4 coded using the US Postal Service certified Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). Even though consumers move on a regular basis, the quality of the Sprint Data Solutions consumer data will allow you to reach a 90-92% deliverability rate, an unmatched level in the industry.
Sprint Data Solutions databases are compiled from county record, courthouses, tax rolls, trade shows, internet surveys, census tracking, and our own proprietary information which is all blended together and updated monthly to create the most comprehensive databases in the industry. We also have direct mail responders coming in each and everyday to bring you FRESH responsive consumers. We also have contracts from MAJOR Gambling Institutions worldwide for exclusive management of their permission opt in data.

Business Information
  • Sprint Data Solutions splits apart and catalog 5,200 phone books, annual reports and other business directories to find information on nearly every business in the nation.
  • We hand-key each record and call every business to make sure you have the most reliable information available.
  • Next, we add public record data from county courthouse filings, SEC and 10k filings, and Secretary of State data.
  • 50,000 new businesses are added every week from sources such as new business registrations and utility hook-ups so you can be the first to reach a hot new property.
  • Every month, we match and clean the data with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4 and Delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.

Consumer Information
  • Sprint Data Solutions splits apart and catalog 4,300 telephone directories.
  • Data specialists examine each listing and enhance it with buying habit and lifestyle information from real estate transactions, product registrations, magazine subscriptions, and survey responses.
  • Every week, we also add 300,000 new movers so you have the opportunity to win their business first.
  • Every month, we match and clean the data with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4 and Delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.
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